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Is Chalk Paint Toxic?

Chalk paint is quickly becoming popular, but it’s still somewhat new, and a lot of people don’t know much about it. If there are kids and animals in your home, it is extra important to make sure that your art supplies are non-toxic and safe for them to be around.

It is most common for chalk paint to be used on furniture, but people have been using it on all types of surfaces now days. It’s a great option because most furniture paints are toxic and have a high level of volatile organic compounds. Chalk paint can quickly add an antique look to your furniture while keeping you safe.

So, is chalk paint toxic? Good news! Chalk paint is non-toxic and doesn’t release any fumes into the air. You can use it in any room and not worry about it impacting the health of you, your pets, or your family. The paint is generally odorless, so you shouldn’t notice any bad, toxic smells while you are painting.

Is Chalk Paint Safe to Use on a Crib?

There may be a case where you decide that you don’t like the color of your child’s crib, or you just want to give it that personalized custom rustic look. You can easily paint the crib to match what you had envisioned, but since young children are involved, the paint choice is extremely important.

My favorite and top pick is always Rust-Oleum Chalk Paints. They have so many different colors, and the quality is amazing! This is a great choice to use on a crib, since it won’t have fumes and it’s non-toxic. I usually use Rust-Oleum for all my chalk paint projects.

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Chalk paint is a great product to paint a crib with. It is non-toxic and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it. While the paint doesn’t let off any fumes while it is wet or dry, you still should wait 1-2 weeks before you let a baby sleep in a painted crib. It is best to do this project before the baby is born.

To paint the crib, you will need to first sand the surface. If the current paint of the crib is chipped, you will want to sand those areas down to create a smooth surface. If the paint is not chipped, you can lightly sand the surface to rough it up.

I recommend using this Fine Grit Sandpaper to sand down the wood. You don’t want to take too much wood off, but just enough to take off a thin layer of paint.

You do not need to add any primer to the surface before you start painting. Apply the chalk paint in thin layers and keep them as even as possible. Let each coat dry for a minimum of fifteen minutes before adding the next coat. 

It’s highly advisable to use a Natural Bristle Paintbrush when using chalk paint. This brush is designed to keep the paint on the surface, and give it a nice smooth look. Other types of paintbrushes won’t work very well, and will leave the paint looking streaky.

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To finish, you can add a wax sealant, but it is not required. It will add shine to the surface and an extra layer of protection, but chalk paint is already durable on its own.

Is Chalk Paint Safe to Eat Off of?

Chalk paint is non-toxic, but it isn’t considered safe to eat off of. If you are thinking about painting a serving tray or a plate with chalk paint, it is advised against. However, you can lay down a piece of wax paper on the surface of the serving tray to use it if you do want to paint it. Also, you can seal it with a dishwasher safe varnish, so no paint actually touches the mouth, while eating off plates.

While it isn’t likely to cause any issues when you eat off a surface with chalk paint, it’s not worth any risk. The chalk paint can chip over time and has the potential to get stuck to the food you eat. If you get chalk paint in your digestive system, it can cause an upset stomach.

Is Chalk Paint Safe During Pregnancy?

One of the most common questions about chalk paint is if it is safe to use while pregnant. If you are decorating a nursery or your own bedroom, you will be spending a decent amount of time in there and you need to be sure that you aren’t breathing in any dangerous fumes.

While it is always recommended to talk to your doctor about anything that concerns the health of you and the baby, it will be nice to know that chalk paint is completely safe for use during pregnancy. The paint is non-toxic and low in volatile organic compounds, so it can be used by anybody.

The paint is odorless, so this should also reduce any nausea that is induced by smells. If you are wanting to apply a wax coat on top of the chalk paint, you will need to have someone else do that part for you. Wax coating isn’t as safe to breathe in during pregnancy, and it is best to avoid it if possible.

Is Chalk Paint Toxic to Dogs and Cats?

Chalk paint is not going to be toxic to dogs or cats when the paint is dry. It will not likely cause any issues when the paint is wet or drying either, but dogs and cats have noses that are much more sensitive than ours. Even though the chalk paint is odorless to us, your pets might be able to smell something.

If a cat or dog were to chew on something with chalk paint, the paint won’t hold up to their sharp teeth. This will result in the paint chipping off and potentially being swallowed by your pet. If a pet eats chalk paint, there also won’t be much that will go wrong. 

Your pet might get an upset stomach or vomit in severe cases, but that is very likely to be the worst that will happen. If your pet has a sensitive digestive system and a history of problems with digestion, you should avoid putting items with chalk paint in a place they can chew on it.

Is Chalk Paint Toxic to Babies?

Chalk paint is not toxic to babies. Chalk paint and tempera paints are one of the safest paints for babies and kids. This is because chalk paint is water-based and free of any fumes that can linger after the paint has dried. Since chalk paint is essentially odorless, there won’t be any fumes left behind after the paint dries.

It is recommended to wait about four weeks for the chalk paint to completely cure before introducing it to the baby. This is because even though the paint feels dry to the touch, it isn’t completely dry. It is still susceptible to scratches, cracking, and peeling during these first weeks.

If a baby gets a paint chip in their mouth, there is a high potential that it can cause them to choke and that can fatal. It is best to be as careful as possible with a new baby because they are so sensitive. You should avoid taking risks and give the paint a proper amount of time to cure before introducing it to your baby.

Final Thoughts

Chalk paint is probably one of the safest paints you can buy. It is water-based and non-toxic with little to no odor. It is free from volatile organic compounds and harmful fumes that other paints contain. It is safe enough that you can even paint a baby crib with it.

Due to the paint being non-toxic, you can use it in every part of your house without worrying about it bothering anyone. The paint won’t make anyone sick, and it won’t leave any dangerous fumes in the air. Chalk paint is so safe it has the top two spots on the safest paint for babies list. 

Even though the paint is non-toxic, it is still recommended that you wait several weeks before introducing it to pets and babies. During the first few weeks the paint is highly likely to chip, which can enter their digestive system and upset their stomachs.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your chalk paint project is safe for you and your family. Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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