About Us

Blended Canvas ™ – Paint, Art, Art History and more!

Here at Blended Canvas, we are dedicated to providing reviews, how to guides, and helpful information to those interested in a wide variety of paints and art products. I have been painting for over 10+ years, experimenting with different types of paints on my spare time, and learning everything I can about them.

My work at The Gallery SOHO.

Some Specialties Include…

We specialize in acrylic paint, oil paint, chalk paint, watercolors, solvents, primers, pencils, art history and anything art related.

All of the articles that are published on this website are thoroughly researched, so that you get the best information available about each and every topic discussed.

Some of My Other Sites

Instrumental Quest

This is another blog that I created, that answers all the questions you may have about a variety of musical instruments.

This website is focused all around music and musical instruments with questions, how-to guides, and product reviews about everything instrument related.

Needle Corner

Needle Corner was created to help answer questions about anything needlework related. From sewing to crochet, to stitching, knitting and much more!

Goals with Blended Canvas

  • To help find the best products and prices on various paints and painting accessories
  • To specialize in a wide variety of paints and art products to help the most people possible
  • To provide helpful and informational reviews on products and accessories
  • To ensure only the best products are chosen to give the best purchasing experience possible
  • To provide answers and guides about art and topics of your interest
  • To inform our audience of the many questions they have about paint and painting topics