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Are Paint Tray Liners Recyclable?

Paint tray liners are a great way to keep your paint trays clean of dried paint. This allows for greater efficiency when creating and completing products as this completely removes the need to clean out your paint tray in between new coats and colors, or even at the end of your painting session. When you are done with the liners, you can simply throw them away. But what about recycling them?

So, are paint tray liners recyclable? The answer to this is no. Paint tray liners that have wet or dried paint on them are not recyclable. In fact, before you can even throw away your paint tray liner, the paint must be completely dry.

In this article we will be talking about the proper way to dispose of paint tray liners, some helpful tips, and how to make the most out of your paint tray liners. Let’s keep reading!

How to Dispose/Recycle Plastic Paint Tray Liners

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Before simply throwing away your paint tray liners, there are a few things that you will need to take into consideration.

Make Sure the Paint Tray Liner Is Completely Dry

Before throwing the liner into the trash bin, make sure that all the paint is dry. Throwing away a liner with wet paint is considered a hazardous material.

The smell of wet paint is much stronger than that of dried paint. As wet paint evaporates, it will release fumes that are harmful and toxic which can cause irritation to your skin, eyes, and throat.

Throw the Liner Into the Regular Trash

Once the paint has completely dried, the liner can be thrown away into the regular trash. Do not throw it in a trash bin that is marked recyclable, as any item with dried paint on it is not considered to be recyclable.

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If you have multiple tray liners with excessive amounts of wet paint, you can always contact your local waste management for a hazardous waste disposal.

Most of the time this will be a free service provided to you. You will simply schedule a day for the waste management department to come to your home and pickup the hazardous waste.

Do You Reuse Paint Tray Liners?

Paint tray liners are made to be disposed of after each use, but they are reusable as long as you clean them right away to be used again for a new batch of paint. If there happens to be dried up paint on them, then it is best to just discard it and use a new one.

Paint tray liners are designed to keep your work space clean and not messy. They are a great way to prevent your actual paint trays from acquiring dried up paint which can be hard to clean later down the road.

What Are Paint Tray Liners Made Of?

Paint tray liners are often made of either aluminum or plastic. They also most commonly come in 4, 9, and 11 inch versions. Using a plastic or metal paint tray liner pretty much boils down to the painters personal preference.

However, the most tried and true combination for many is a metal paint tray with a plastic paint tray liner. This gives you the sturdiness of a metal paint tray, with the easy cleanup of a plastic paint tray liner.

A great brand for paint tray liners is Bates. They have high quality and durable paint trays, which goes hand in hand with their high quality paint rollers.

Do You Have to Use a Paint Tray Liner?

No, you do not have to use a paint tray liner. However, the easiest way to constantly reuse a paint tray is by using liners placed inside of them. The paint tray liner will help prevent your paint tray from becoming dirty in the first place which mitigates any cleaning that you would otherwise have to do.

If you use a paint tray without a liner, you will have to always be sure to immediately clean it of paint before it dries, otherwise it will become unusable in the near future when you decide to reuse it for another project. The best way to clean a paint tray is with soap, water, and paint thinner.

Can I Use a Plastic Bag as a Paint Tray Liner?

You can definitely use a plastic bag as a paint tray liner, as long as it is big enough. Simply place your paint tray inside of the bag and tie the open end shut. Depending on how tight the bag is around the paint tray, it may move around a little bit if using a paint roller or paint brush.

There is also the possibility of your plastic bag ripping while you are using it so always be extra cautious when using a plastic bag as a liner. Cleanup is fairly simple as well. When you are done painting, pour any unused paint back into the can, then take off the bag and throw it away for a quick cleanup.

Best Paint Tray Liners Brands

Bates Paint Tray Liners

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Precision Defined Paint Tray Liners

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Unvert Paint Tray Liners

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Woodster Hefty Paint Tray Liners

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Final Thoughts

Paint tray liners are a great way to keep your paint trays clean. Simply use them once and discard them when you are done. Paint tray liners are made to be used one time and thrown out, but they can also be reused if they are properly cleaned right away.

Paint tray liners are not recyclable. Always be sure that the paint is completely dry before throwing them away in the regular trash bin as wet paint is considered to be a hazardous waste.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your paint project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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