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Does Mod Podge Make Things Shiny

Mod podge is an excellent decoupage material. You can use it to protect your projects or as glue. However, many artists, crafters, and DIY lovers wonder if Mod Podge will make their work shiny.

So, does Mod Podge make things shiny? Yes, Mod Podge can make items shiny. However, it depends on the formula that you use. If you want to add shine, then choose the gloss Mod Podge. This formula adds a glossy, lustrous finish.

If you want to make your projects shine, then Mod Podge should be one of your go-to materials! Everything you need to know about achieving a glossy finish with Mod Podge is in this article, so let’s keep reading!

How To Make Things Shiny With Mod Podge

If you want to make items shiny with Mod Podge, all you need is the Mod Podge Gloss formula. This type of Mod Podge dries clear and shines when the light hits it, giving it a unique look.

Most people think of the Mod Podge Gloss formula when they hear “Mod Podge” because it was the first formula to come from this brand. It dries clear and with a pleasant luster that we’ve expected from Mod Podge.

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Mod Podge Gloss is always shiny, so it’s the one you’ll want for this purpose. However, there are plenty of other finishes that you can choose from. Matte and Satin are two other popular options.

Overall, you won’t have to do anything special with Mod Podge Gloss to make it dry with shine. Apply the Mod Podge like normal and give it ample time to cure. Once it dries, it should have a nice shine to it!

Does Mod Podge Dry Shiny?

Whether or not Mod Podge dries shiny will depend on your finish. Using the Gloss option, you’ll receive a pleasantly shiny finish. However, Mod Podge Matte is not shiny and appears flatter and rougher.

Mod Podge Satin will give you a slight sheen, but not nearly as much as the gloss variant. Many artists think of Satin Mod Podge falling somewhere between Gloss and Matte when it comes to the shine of these products.

To summarize, not all types of Mod Podge dry shiny. You’ll need to make sure that you choose the correct finish. Gloss is the shiniest option, while Satin is between gloss and Matte.

Can You Use Mod Podge as a Top Coat?

Mod Podge makes an excellent topcoat for many different types of projects! If you choose the Mod Podge Gloss formula, you’ll get a nice topcoat with a smooth texture. It’s perfect if you want something shiny, but you should use a different one if you don’t want its effect.

However, if you leave your final project in the sun or somewhere it gets dusty or dirty, the topcoat will yellow with time. Some artists recommend using special varnishes or finishes to ensure the project doesn’t yellow with age.

Still, many people reach for Mod Podge when they need a top coat! You’ll want to make sure you follow the curing instructions on the bottle to get the best results with your work.

What Is Mod Podge Super Gloss Used For?

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Mod podge Super Gloss is another formula from the brand. This option comes with an extremely shiny finish! If you want more gloss than the original Gloss Mod podge formula, it’s the best choice.

You can use it as the final coat to create a glossy, smooth surface. The brand also states that it won’t leave brush marks and can go on fabric, wood, paper, canvas, terra cotta, candles, foam, etc.

There are plenty of uses for Mod Podge Super Gloss! However, it works best as a topcoat or finish. You wait for the rest of your work to dry, then apply a light layer of the Mod Podge. Make sure to give it longer than 24 hours to cure completely.

You’ll see amazing results no matter what you want to use the Super Gloss formula for! Many artists currently use it for various crafts. If you want to add shine to a project, this is the Mod Podge type you want to reach for first.

Does All Mod Podge Dry Clear?

You might feel alarmed when you take your Mod Podge out of the bottle- it comes out a murky white color! However, you don’t need to do much for it to dry clear. Mod Podge always dries clear, especially the Gloss formula.

For more information, check out my other article that talks about Mod Podge drying clear.

You will need to ensure that the Mod Podge has enough time to cure the entire way through. Not curing properly can cause the material to remain white. Working in thin layers can greatly help prevent this from happening.

Some people worry about the Matte finish not drying clear. However, this formula still dries completely see-through! No matter what Mod Podge formula you choose, it’s sure not to cover up your work.

Does Mod Podge Make Acrylic Paint Shiny?

Mod Podge Gloss can make anything shiny! This sealer can even make dull acrylic paint appear shiny. It also offers more protection to your paint strokes.

You need to wait for the acrylic paint to dry the entire way- you won’t want to smear it! Then, gently apply a thin layer of Mod Podge using a brush or sponge. After it dries, apply another layer, then let the Mod Podge cure for at least 24 hours before touching it.

I highly recommend using the Mod Podge Applicator Brush to apply your formula. It’s designed by Mod Podge, which guarantees a smooth application.

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Some acrylic paints are shiny, but some can appear dull after drying. If you want to liven up your paintings, then a coat of Mod Podge Gloss can help. Plus, it can help protect your work and keep it from flaking, scratching, or chipping off.

In short, Mod Podge Gloss can make your acrylic paint shiny! Using the Matte finish will make your paint look more dry and flat instead of glossy.

Can Mod Podge Be Used As Varnish?

What if you only have Mod Podge at home but need varnish? You’ll be happy to know you can use Mod Podge as a varnish! However, you won’t get as strong a seal as you would with an official varnish. Mod Podge tends to be less damage and water-resistant than varnishes.

Still, Mod Podge works as a great varnish alternative. Artists love to use it to decoupage (or seal) glitter, paper, plastic, fabrics, wood, and more. 

Since varnish is best for wood, you’ll need to make sure that you choose the best Mod Podge formula for the job. Hard Coat or Furniture Gloss Mod Podge is usually the best choice. If you want a shiny finish, choose the Furniture Gloss!

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Mod Podge is very versatile. You can use it as a sealer, finish, glue, and varnish. Many people recommend having a bottle at home- you never know you’ll need it, especially if you love to make art and crafts.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Mod Podge can make your stuff shiny! You have plenty of Mod Podge formulas to pick from, so make sure you always choose one that has the finish that you want. The Mod Podge Super Gloss is the shiniest!

Overall, you can use Mod Podge in many different ways. If you need a shiny topcoat or varnish, it’s a great choice for various projects.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your Mo project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting!