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Top 5 Best Rollers for Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is an amazing paint that can be used with a special chalk paint brush, or a roller. It’s always important to use the correct type of brush for your paint, in order for your project to turn out correctly.

Using the wrong brush or roller with chalk paint can leave your paint streaky, chunky or uneven. I have put together this guide to go over the best rollers to use with chalk paint, so let’s read on!


NameOur RatingPrice

Bates Roller Brush Kit
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Nanja Foam Roller Brush4.5/5
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Foam Pro Roller Brush 4/5
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1- Bates Roller Brush Kit

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Bates roller brushes are very popular due to their quality and durability. These brushes were designed to last, so you can re-use them over and over again. This set comes with a tray, 2 roller frames, 4 roller covers, an angle paint brush, and the high density foam brush.

Bates offers professional quality sets, and this foam roller brush is perfect to use with chalk paint. I personally use foam rollers for my chalk paint projects, and it leaves less streaks, as well as gives it a smooth finish.

I like their tays because they are durable, and re-usable. Other brands come with disposable trays that you can only use once, and I think that’s a waste of money. Unless you are doing a once in a lifetime project, being able to re-use your tray again is very convenient.

I recommend this set for your chalk paint project if you’re looking for durability, and a great quality brush. These brushes work great for small furniture, larger pieces, fireplaces and other surfaces for your chalk paint.

What We Like

Comes with re-usable tray, and multiple size brushes.

What We Don’t Like

Nothing to report here, it’s a great set.

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2- Nanja Foam Roller Brush

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The Nanja Roller Kit is perfect for smaller chalk paint projects. This set comes with 5 foam roller covers, and 5 fabric roller covers. This is great because you may want to use the fabric ones as well. Chalk paint works best with foam rollers, but if you are looking for a certain texture finish, a fabric brush may be what you’re looking for.

This set is a mini set, so I wouldn’t use this to chalk paint a large fireplace, or something of that size. It’s perfect for smaller projects like, a table, corners, and even wooden projects.

You can also use the foam roller brushes with all types of water paints such as, gloss, undercoats, eggshell and of course chalk paint. The fabric roller brushes work wait chalk paint, and oil based paints such as, wood stain, gloss and varnishes.

I recommend this set if you are looking to a smaller roller brush, and options between a foam brush and a fabric roller brush.

What We Like

Comes with fabric and foam roller brushes.

What We Don’t Like

Only comes in mini size.

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3- Foam Pro Roller Brush

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This single foam roller brush is ideal if you don’t want a complete set, but just a brush. It’s 4 inches, so it’s on the smaller size. The handle dimensions are 11.5″L x 5.0″W x 1.63″H.

If you need a single roller brush for your chalk paint project, then this Foam Pro brush is a great choice. It’s high quality and very durable, so you can trust that it’ll leave your paint nice and smooth.

Achieving a smooth finish with chalk paint is very important depending on the project you are doing. This brush will not leave paint streaks or even debris like other brands do.

I recommend this brush for your chalk paint project if you need a single high quality brush.

What We Like

It’s a single, high quality brush.

What We Don’t Like

It’s on the smaller side.

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4- Luigi’s Small Foam Roller Brush

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Luigi’s is an excellent brand that is very reputable and of high quality. This set is a small 4 inch roller set that comes with 1 tray, 1 handle, and 10 roller covers! This is amazing is you want to switch colors, or just need some extra rollers.

It’s lint free with no fiber shedding, and gives you an excellent smooth coverage. I like Luigi’s because they have been around for 36 years, and their products come with a 2 year guarantee. This is a huge deal, since most companies only come with 30-90 days guarantee.

This set is perfect for chalk paint projects, and it also works great with satin, gloss and oil based paints. I definitely recommend them!

What We Like

High quality, well trusted brand.

What We Don’t Like

All rollers are 4 inches.

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5- Edward Roller Brush

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Edward Roller Brushes are known for being heavy duty and high quality. This set is a 4 inch set that comes with 3 polyester roller covers, and 2 foam ones. The handle has an ergonomic rubber grip, to give you the best results.

This set is great for chalk paint projects, as it will leave a super smooth finish, as well as excellent coverage. I love that the handle is heavy duty rubber, as other brand have a lower quality wooden or plastic handle. This means you can re-use this handle for years to come!

You can also use this set with interior paints, exterior paints, furniture, house paint, and even oil based paints, and that’s what makes this set great. I always think it’s great to have a product that has more than one function, and if you paint frequently this set is for you.

The tray is re-useable so you can save money on your paint projects. This is definitely one of my top recommendations if you are looking for a multi-use roller brush.

What We Like

Excellent quality, and comes with a variety of roller covers.

What We Don’t Like

Is only one size.

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What to Look For in a Roller Brush

To find the best roller brush for your chalk paint, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Using a foam roller is going to be your best option when it comes to chalk paint. Chalk paint adheres very well to foam rollers, and they tend to leave less of a mess than a traditional painter’s roller brush.

Make sure the handle is the correct length. If you are using chalk paint on a piece of furniture, you will most likely need a short or average size handle roller brush. If you are painting a wall or a fireplace, you may need a longer handle for your project.

There are different sizes of roller brushes as well, so you need to make sure to use the correct size, in order to avoid overpainting an area or not having enough coverage.

Best Roller Brushes for Chalk Paint

Bates Roller Brush

Bates brand has more than just roller brushes. They carry a huge variety of paint brushes for beginners and professionals. Their line includes foam brushes, flat brushes, painter’s accessories, and even trays. They are a well known and reputable brand, and their products are always top quality.

Nanja Foam Roller Brush

Nanja is another great brand with top quality foam rollers. Foam rollers are an excellent choice to use with chalk paint because they stay on the brush, unlike traditional rollers. With traditional rollers, the paint can slip off, or not apply evenly.


How Do You Get a Smooth Finish With Chalk Paint?

To get a nice smooth finish with your chalk paint, always sand the surface before you paint. Sanding the surface helps create a smooth surface, and will avoid bumps and uneven areas in your project. You can also use a flat paint brush after your roller brush, to get that extra smooth and same direction finish.

You can also use a 300-grit sandpaper to sand down the painted area, and then apply chalk paint wax. The wax will give your project a shiny and smooth look.

What Brush Should I Use With Chalk Paint?

A foam roller brush is the top recommendation to use with chalk paint. You can also use a flat brush, which will give you a nice smooth finish.

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Final Thoughts

Using the right type of brush for your paint is crucial. For chalk paint, a foam roller brush or a flat paint brush will be your best options. My top pick is Bates Roller Brushes, followed by the Nanja Roller Brush. Both of these brushes offer amazing coverage at an affordable price.

Foam roller brushes will always carry the paint better and give you a smooth finish. You can also sand the surface before you paint to get an extra smooth look.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your chalk paint project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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