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Can You Mail Painted Envelopes?

Decorating envelopes can be a fun activity! If you want to make someone’s day, adding art to their letter will put a smile on their face. However, there are rules you’ll need to follow, or your letter might not make it there.

So, can you mail painted envelopes? Yes, you can send painted envelopes through the mail. You’ll want to make sure you don’t paint over the address information on the front. The post office needs that to be legible.

If you want to decorate an envelope, give it a try! You can use various colors, designs, and mediums, as long as you don’t cover up the address details on the front of the envelope. You’ll need to learn more if you want to give it a try, so make sure you keep reading!

How To Mail Painted Envelopes in the Mail

You can mail painted envelopes through the mail easily. You might need to pay additional postage if the envelope weighs more due to the paint- so make sure you’re prepared to buy more postage, just in case.

If you think your envelope will weigh more than an ounce or can’t safely go through a post office machine, you should add another stamp. You know it makes it to its destination without any trouble.

To send your envelope in the mail, make sure the return address and recipient’s address on the front are easy to see. You shouldn’t paint over it! Keep in mind that some post offices might be more strict than others. It doesn’t hurt to ask the staff what they can and can’t accept.

You can use acrylic or tempera paint to decorate your envelope for the best results.

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When you’re ready to send the envelope, bring it with you to the post office to mail it. If you have questions, reach out while you’re there! Envelope decorating is a fun hobby and skill, so you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the rules in your area to continue doing it.

The staff might want to weigh your letter first, so bring it inside with you. You might not have to do this next time after you have an idea of how much weight the paint adds to your mail.

Can You Mail Envelopes With Designs?

You can mail envelopes with designs! The post office will accept colored envelopes, painted envelopes, envelopes with drawings on the outside, and more! Any designs you want to include are possible to send.

However, you need to take care with your designs. If the stamp or address has a design over it, making it difficult to read, the post office won’t accept it. When designing your envelope, you have to make sure you don’t cover the written information.

You can always use paint pens on your envelopes if you don’t want to use actual paint. It’s a great and less messy alternative!

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Overall, you can design your custom envelopes! If you want to surprise your recipients, then you can add designs that are meaningful or stand out to them. However, you want the post office and mail delivery person to be able to read the envelope without trouble.

Can You Mail Decorated Envelopes?

It’s possible to mail decorated envelopes. You can add doodles, paint, ink, and more. Many artists like to decorate envelopes for clients or events in themes related to their artwork.

When mailing a decorated envelope, you must make the writing legible. Clear handwriting ensures your letter makes it to the recipient, even if there are a lot of designs on the envelope.

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While some people put art on the front of the envelope, you should be careful. Not every post office will accept an envelope decorated like this, even if you can read the address details. However, you can always decorate the back to your heart’s content!

In short, yes, you can decorate your envelopes and send them through the mail. The post office might not accept letters that you stick beads, plastic gems, and other items to, as they can ruin their machinery.

Can I Mail Black Envelopes?

You might be wondering about black envelopes. After all, any black text on them would be difficult to read! If you want to mail a dark envelope, you’ll need to make sure you use a white or silver marker or light paint.

The contrast between the written address and the envelope makes it much easier to read. If you try using blue or black ink to write the address on your letter, it’s sure to get rejected by the post office. 

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So, before addressing your black envelopes, make sure you have a contrasting color to write with. You’ll also want to practice your handwriting beforehand since it needs to be especially clear when writing on black paper!

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on an Envelope in the Mail?

You can paint your envelopes with acrylics too! Many artists prefer to use acrylic paint or watercolors to decorate their mail. Oil paints take a long time to dry, make a mess, make the envelope weigh a lot more, and can damage the envelope. 

My favorite and top pick is always Arteza Acrylic Paints. They have so many different colors, and the quality is amazing! I usually use Arteza Paints for all my projects.

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If you want to choose what type of paint to use, acrylic paint is usually the best. Unlike watercolors, it works well with envelope paper without seeping through it, which can soak into the paper quickly.

Before you start painting, set scrap paper inside the envelope; if the paint does leak through one side of the envelope, it might not make it through to the other side, where you’ll put the address. That way, it stays open and clear for the post office.

Overall, you can use acrylic paint on an envelope you want to send through the mail. Acrylic paint is the perfect material for this! Plus, you can make a ton of vibrant designs with it.

Can You Decorate the Back of an Envelope?

You can decorate the back of an envelope. The post office prefers that you decorate the back of the envelope compared to the front. There’s no design cluttering the critical information you write on the front when you do it that way.

It’s also good to write the return and recipient address on the envelope’s front after decorating the back. You can let the mail dry, so the address doesn’t smear. Give the letter enough time to dry so you don’t smear it when you flip it over!

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When decorating the back, you can put any appropriate designs you want there. You can use stencils or freehand your art! It’s completely up to you, so be as creative as you want.

Finally, you should always put both the addresses on the front of the envelope. If you put it on the back, the letter might not make it to the recipient.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, decorating and mailing your custom envelopes is fun. For important events, such as weddings or baby showers, you can do this. Many artists and designers also use this as a strategy to market themselves. Of course, you can always make a custom envelope to show someone you care!

Overall, you’ll need to make sure the address is legible. Then, you’ll want to consider adding additional postage. The post office might require another stamp if they can’t run your letter through a sorting machine or it weighs over a certain amount. I’m sure you’ll love creating your own mail art!

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your envelope project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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