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Top 5 Best Rollers for Satin Paint

Finding the right type of roller brush for your project is crucial for it to turn out great. There are a few different kinds of roller brushes such as foam, cloth and microfiber. You also have to decide if you are using satin, gloss or matte paint for your project, which goes hand in hand with the roller.

Whether you are painting your house, a wall, wood or even a mural, you need to have the proper type of paint and roller brush.

After researching many roller brushes, I have put together this article with the best rollers for satin paint. Let’s read on!


NameOur RatingPrice

Bates Paint Roller
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Pilot Fish Roller Set4.5/5
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Fly Hawk paint Roller4/5
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1- Bates Paint Roller Set

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Bates roller brushes are very popular due to their quality and durability. These brushes were designed to last, so you can re-use them over and over again. This set comes with a tray, 2 roller frames, 4 roller covers, an angle paint brush, and the high density foam brush. 

Bates offers professional quality sets, and this foam roller brush is perfect to use with satin paint. I highly recommend using foam rollers for satin paint projects, since it leaves less streaks, as well as gives it a smooth finish.

I also like their tays because they are durable, and re-usable. Other brands come with disposable trays that you can only use once, and I think that’s a waste of money. Unless you are doing a once in a lifetime project, being able to re-use your tray again is very convenient. 

I recommend this set for your satin paint project if you’re looking for durability, and a great quality brush. These brushes work great for small furniture, larger pieces, fireplaces and other surfaces for your chalk paint.

What We Like

Comes with re-usable tray, and multiple size brushes.

What We Don’t Like

Nothing to report here, it’s a great set.

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2- Pilot Fish Roller Set

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Pilot Fish is a great brand that is compatible to use with satin paints. This kit comes with 17 pieces, including a tray, 2 roller handles, 3 microfiber covers, 5 foam covers and more!

This set is ideal if you are using multiple colors, or if you want to reuse your roller brush. Not all rollers are made for satin paint, so it’s important that you find the correct one. Since this set comes with foam and microfiber rollers, it’s one of the best out there.

You can also use this set with latex and other house paints. The dipping tray is also of good quality, so you can rely on your painting project to turn out great.

What We Like

Multiple handles, and a lot of covers.

What We Don’t Like

Nothing to report here, it’s a great set.

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3- Fly Hawk Paint Roller Brush

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This set is an excellent choice if you need to paint ceilings or walls that you can’t normally reach. Fly Hawk roller brushes are of professional quality, and are made to withstand multiple uses. This roller comes with a stainless steel pole, a splicing rod, and roller covers.

What’s neat about this set is that the pole extends from 4-8 feet, so you can reach those high walls and ceilings easily. This eliminates the need for a ladder, which is always safer.

What We Like

Perfect for reaching high ceilings and walls.

What We Don’t Like

Replacement rollers are not available.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

4- Amazon Basics Roller Brush Set

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Amazon Basics Rollers are very durable and can be reused. This set comes with a high quality tray, two handles, 7 microfiber covers, and 5 foam covers. You can use this set for satin paint projects, as well as latex and other oil based paint.

The details of the brushes and covers are: 1x 9-inch plastic tray, 1x 9-inch slip roller frame, 2x 9-inch microfiber refills, 5x 4-inch polyester refills, 5x 4-inch PE forms, 1x 4-inch roller frame, 1x metal can opener.

This roller set can also be used for interior as well as exterior walls, making it the perfect versatile kind of roller brush. What’s really cool is that Amazon offers a 1 year warranty on this set, so you can be guaranteed of its durability.

What We Like

Comes with a 1 year warranty, multiple uses.

What We Don’t Like

If you don’t need that many rollers, this set may not be for you.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

5-Foam Pro Roller Brush

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This single foam roller brush is ideal if you don’t want a complete set, but just a brush. It’s 4 inches, so it’s on the smaller size. The handle dimensions are 11.5″L x 5.0″W x 1.63″H. 

If you need a single roller brush for your satin paint project, then this Foam Pro brush is a great choice. It’s high quality and very durable, so you can trust that it’ll leave your paint nice and smooth.

Achieving a smooth finish with satin paint is very important depending on the project you are doing. This brush will not leave paint streaks or even debris like other brands do. 

I recommend this brush for your satin paint project if you need a single high quality brush.

What We Like

This set is veery affordable, and allergy friendly.

What We Don’t Like

Nothing to report here.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

What to Look For in Roller Brushes

To find the best roller paintbrush for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.


Make sure the roller brush you choose is of high quality. You want your roller brush to last multiple uses, unless of course you are purchasing a one time disposable roller.

The better the quality of the roller, the better and smoother your paint will look.


Foam rollers are an excellent choice for satin paint, because it allows the paint to apply on smoothy without leaving steaks. You can also use a microfiber roller, but it may look uneven or streaky.

Best Roller Brushes for Satin Paint

Bates Roller Brush

Bates brand has more than just roller brushes. They carry a huge variety of paint brushes for beginners and professionals. Their line includes foam brushes, flat brushes, painter’s accessories, and even trays. They are a well known and reputable brand, and their products are always top quality.

Foam Pro Rollers

Foam rollers are an excellent choice to use with satin paint because they stay on the brush, unlike traditional rollers. With traditional rollers, the paint can slip off, or not apply evenly.


How Do I Get a Smooth Finish With Satin Paint?

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To get a smooth finish with satin paint, you need to make sure the surface area is properly prepared. This includes possibly sanding and priming the surface, before applying any paint.

You can also use a satin paint primer before you apply the paint, that way your paint adheres better to the surface and is guaranteed to last.

Satin paint should apply on evenly and smoothly with a foam roller brush, or even a knit roller. This two are the bets choices for satin paint.

Can You Touch Up Satin Finish Paint?

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Yes, you can easily touch up satin paint. You will need to sand down any loose or old paint first, and then apply a satin paint primer like then I mentioned above.

For sanding, I recommend using a 120 grit sandpaper to get the bets results. Once your surface area is sanded down and primes, you can apply the paint. You can choose to touch up the distresses area, or cover the whole surface again.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the best roller brushes for satin paint are Bates Rollers, and Foam Pro Rollers. These two brands sell kits that are very durable, reusable, and can be used with other types of paint too!

You will want to make sure you roller brush is compatible with satin paint, otherwise your paint will look streaky and uneven. Foam rollers are a great choice to help the paint adhere on smoothly and perfect.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your satin painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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