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Is Mod Podge Safe for Dogs and Cats?

Mod Podge is becoming more and more popular, and a common question people ask about it is whether it’s safe to use around dogs and cats. Mod Podge is non-toxic and water-based, and it’s often used by young children for arts and crafts.

So, is Mod Podge safe for dogs and cats? Yes it is. Since Mod Podge is designed to be safe for use of young kids, it is completely safe to be used around dogs and cats. You should try to keep them away from the product while it is wet and drying, as their respiratory systems are more sensitive than ours and the smell can irritate them.

If you are thinking about sealing your pet’s toy with Mod Podge, it’s not recommended. Dogs and cats love to chew on toys, meaning they can quickly break through the surface of Mod Podge. This can result in flakes of Mod Podge being ingested by your pet. In this article we go over what you need to know about Mod Podge safety, and pets. Let’s read on!

Is Mod Podge Toxic?

Mod Podge will not produce any toxic or volatile fumes when it is wet or while it is drying. Since it is a water-based product, it is free from any harsh chemicals that can be dangerous and bothersome. However, it is still recommended to use Mod Podge in an area that is well-ventilated.

If your dog gets a hold of Mod Podge, in most cases, your pet’s digestive will be able to process it with no problems, but pets with weaker immune systems or existing health issues might have a harder time. Keep your pet’s health in mind when deciding whether you want to seal a toy.

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Although there aren’t any toxic fumes, the smell of Mod Podge can give you a headache or make you light-headed. You will have the best results when you use the product in an area that has plenty of air flow and fresh air. Outside would be the best place to apply the product if you are sensitive to different smells.

Check out my other article that talks about Mod Podge being toxic. It’s worth a read if you have questions, or plan on using it near kids and pets.

You should also try to keep your pets away from the Mod Podge when it is wet and drying. A dog’s nose has a sense of smell that is as much as 60 times stronger than ours, and a cat’s nose is about 40 times stronger than ours.

With their strong noses, dogs and cats are going to be more sensitive to smells. If the smell of the Mod Podge bothers you, you can expect it to bother your pet as well. As soon as the Mod Podge dries, your pet can be around it with absolutely no issues.

Can You Use Mod Podge on a Doghouse?

You can use Mod Podge on a doghouse. If the doghouse is going to be outside, there is an outdoor formula of Mod Podge that you can use. While it isn’t completely waterproof, it will stand up better to rain than the regular formula. It will also hold up against sun damage.

You can use Mod Podge to glue pieces of wallpaper to the doghouse or as a sealant for paint on the doghouse. The first thing you will need to do is clean the doghouse and sand it. Doing so will give you a smooth surface to work on. Clean the doghouse after you sand it to get rid of any debris.

Next, you might want to paint the doghouse with a base coat of paint. This isn’t required, but it can make the doghouse look nicer underneath any additions. Let the paint dry completely before applying any Mod Podge.

If you are going to paint a design on the doghouse, you can do some as soon as the base coat of paint is dry. You will then need to wait for the design to dry before adding any Mod Podge. The Mod Podge will work as a protective layer, keeping the paint from yellowing, cracking, and peeling.

If you are going to be adding paper to the doghouse, such as wallpaper, wait for the base coat to dry if you added one. Cut the wallpaper to the proper size that you want. Apply Mod Podge to both the surface of the doghouse and the back of the wallpaper.

Stick the piece of wallpaper to the spot that you added Mod Podge to on the doghouse. Repeat this until you have added all of the wallpaper. Let the Mod Podge between the doghouse and the wallpaper dry completely before moving on.

It is best to wait a minimum of fifteen minutes for the Mod Podge to dry, but you can wait longer if you wish. When you are sure that it is dry underneath, you can put a thin layer of Mod Podge over the doghouse and the wallpaper to act as a sealant.

Let this layer dry and then apply another layer. If you do the first layer with horizontal brush strokes, you will need to do the second layer with vertical brush strokes. You can add as many layers as you feel comfortable with, but it is recommended to do at least two.

Before introducing your dog to the doghouse, the Mod Podge will need to be completely cured. This could take a minimum of 72 hours, but also has the potential to take longer. If you don’t smell the Mod Podge anymore, you can introduce the doghouse to your dog.

Is Mod Podge Waterproof?

A common misconception of Mod Podge is that it is waterproof. It will create a water-resistant coating, but it isn’t waterproof. If just a couple drops of water come in contact with the Mod Podge, you don’t have to worry about it doing any damage.

If your Mod Podge is exposed to excessive amounts of water, such as rain, it might begin to peel away from the surface. The formula isn’t made for the product to have constant exposure to water, so it is best to keep it as far away from watery conditions as possible. 

There is one Mod Podge that is designed for water, and it’s the Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge. People typically use this on ceramic mugs and bowls. You will usually paint a mug or plate with acrylic paint, and then seal it with Mod Podge, so that it can be placed in the dishwasher. This is the only type of Mod Podge that can withstand water.

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When using regular Mod Podge, if it has water exposure and the water sits on it for too long, the coating will start to look cloudy. The cloudiness might be temporary, but it can be permanent and is not worth the risk of letting the water get there in the first place. Mod Podge isn’t permanent, so it can come off the product.

You can also use an acrylic sealer if you need a waterproof varnish. You will have better chances with a sealant that is designed to be waterproof than you will with regular Mod Podge. If you do still want to use Mod Podge, you can just put a waterproof layer over it, and then the acrylic sealer.

Final Thoughts

Mod Podge is a great product because it has so many different uses. Before you add it to your collection of supplies, it is important to make sure it is safe to use around pets. Since Mod Podge is water-based, you won’t have any issues with your pet being around the dried product.

It is recommended to keep your pets away from the Mod Podge while it is wet and drying. Dogs and cats have noses that are much more sensitive than ours, and the smell of the Mod Podge can irritate them. For their sake, you should only let them be around dry Mod Podge.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your Mod Podge painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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