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Is It Expensive To Frame a Canvas?

If you love painting, you’ll want to consider the cost of framing your work! Framing a canvas makes it easier to display and gives your artwork a finishing touch. However, you won’t want to dive in without knowing how much it costs.

So, is it expensive to frame a canvas? It can be expensive to frame a canvas, depending on whether you DIY it or have a professional frame it for you. The pros can charge between $70 and $130 to stretch and frame a canvas. However, doing it yourself can save money!

You’ll want to learn how to frame a canvas on your own, as well as the cost to have someone else do it. It’s essential to understand how much framing costs before bringing your art in for stretching. Let’s keep reading to learn more!

How To Frame a Canvas

Canvas is the woven fabric that artists can paint or print on. There are two main ways to frame a canvas. You can buy it pre-stretched over the frame or do it yourself before you start painting.

It costs less to buy a large amount of rolled canvas. Plus, you also get more use out of it. You’ll need to stretch the canvas before you can frame it. You will need the following items:

  • Stretcher bar frames
  • A staple gun
  • Wood or metal frames
  • Glaze or gesso (your primer)

First, measure the canvas you need and cut it to size. It should fit into your wood or metal frame. Make sure that you leave some additional canvas to fold over the frame. Next, lay the cut canvas pieces down on a flat surface.

Fold the extra canvas over your stretcher bar and use the staple gun to hold it there. Keep going around until you have all of the sides stapled. For the best results, staple the middle of the canvas piece to the frame.

Next, pull the canvas tighter before adding staples on either side of the middle staple. You want to keep them spaced as evenly as possible.

Now you can fold the corners of the canvas in. You want to create a tight fold that doesn’t stick out too much. Use the staple gun to trap it against the frame.

Finally, you can place the stretched canvas into its frame! As long as you measured everything correctly, it should fit inside without issue.

How Much Does It Cost To Frame Paintings?

It will depend on where you go. Framing will cost you a lot more when you have professional artists handle it compared to craft stores. You’ll want to review the prices in your area online or by contacting the store first.

That way, there won’t be any surprises when you arrive! On average, you can expect framing costs to fall between $70 and $130. Smaller paintings may cost as low as $60, while the larger ones can cost about $200.

Framing costs depend on where you live and who’s doing the framing! You can always frame your paintings on your own to save some money.

If you need to save up for it, your painting should be safe for a little while. You’ll want to store the artwork in a cool, dry, and dark location until you can frame it. Paintings can receive damage from moisture, drastic temperature changes, and sunshine!

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As long as you store your unframed painting properly, it should be safe until you can frame it.

How Much Does It Cost To Stretch a Canvas at Michaels?

You can expect to pay between $80 and $110 to stretch a canvas at Michaels most of the time. The final price will depend on the canvas’ size and which of Michaels’ services you choose.

Michaels currently offers four canvas options. However, choosing their custom size option for canvas means that it won’t come stretched for you.

If you have Michaels near you and you’ve never stretched your canvas, this option can be good for you. 

How Much Do Custom Frames Cost at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby offers custom framing, the price of which can change depending on how large the project is. The pricing starts at $30 but could run over $300 easily if you have a very large work that you want framing for.

It also depends on the material that you choose. Hobby Lobby has a variety of options to complement the work. Some of the frames are more expensive than others because they consist of higher-quality materials.

In short, you can expect to spend at least $30 for a custom frame from this store in most cases. Hobby Lobby often has sales and promotions that you can take advantage of!

Can You Take a Canvas off a Frame?

You can remove a canvas from a frame on your own, but you’ll need to take care not to tear the canvas. Start by removing any nails that connect the canvas to the frame with a staple remover. Pliers are helpful if the staples are stuck.

Next, gently separate the frame and the canvas by pushing the edge away from you. The two should separate if you removed all of the staples. You need to work slowly and take great care not to damage the artwork.

Continue working around the edge of the frame until the canvas comes off. It can stick to the frame if it’s an older work, even without glue. You’ll need to gently peel it off as you make your way around the frame.

Once the canvas slightly lifts off the frame, you can attach the painting to a new structure. You can also store it in a foam cylinder for transportation. You mustn’t roll up the image too tightly, or the paint will crack.

Can You Frame a Canvas Under Glass?

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You can frame a painting under glass, although you don’t need to do this for oil paintings. The purpose of a glass frame is to protect the art from water and sun, which can ruin certain mediums easily.

If you want to frame your canvas under glass, you’ll need to use a framing mount. The mount gives the glass frame a place to sit. You’ll want to use glass to protect prints and acrylic paintings, but it won’t do anything for an oil painting.

What Is the Difference Between Stretched Canvas and Canvas Board?

Stretched canvas is looser than canvas board, which is a solid surface. The stretched canvas still is very fabric-like and not rigid- unlike a canvas board.

You’d use a canvas board when your art calls for a hard, unmoving surface to work on. A canvas board often has more texture and can imitate an actual painting.

Arteza is one of my favorite brands, and apart form their top quality paint, they have premium quality canvases too!

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Overall, you’ll want to take a moment to consider which option is best for you. It can even vary between works.

Final Thoughts

In short, it’s moderately expensive to frame a canvas. You can expect to pay between a set amount, depending on where you go and how large the painting is. It costs more when you have professionals handle your art as well.

It’s always a good idea to consider the cost before getting there. It’s worth investing in keeping your artwork safe!

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your  painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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