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Do Mineral Spirits Evaporate?

Mineral spirits are beneficial to have when it comes to painting. You can use the liquid to thin out oil paint, as well as clean the paint off the brushes. However, many people wonder what happens to the mineral spirits after applying it.

Do mineral spirits evaporate? Yes. Mineral spirits evaporate as they dry, which should only take about fifteen to twenty minutes. The liquid also evaporates completely, leaving behind no trace! These features make it great for use in the art world.

Many people love using mineral spirits for a variety of projects. The clear liquid doesn’t leave behind any residue and dries pretty quickly. There’s a lot to know about mineral spirits, especially if you want to use them! Let’s keep reading to learn more.

How Do Mineral Spirits Evaporate?

If you want mineral spirits to evaporate, you can just leave them out and uncovered for a time. Eventually, it will all disappear. You can speed up evaporation by spreading out the liquid so that it’s thinner.

Mineral spirits evaporate slowly. Temperature makes liquids evaporate; mineral spirits can simply evaporate at room temperature! The chemical components of mineral spirits evaporate too, leaving behind nothing.

Do Mineral Spirits Evaporate Completely?

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Mineral spirits evaporate completely, so you won’t have to deal with any residue later. This feature is very convenient, no matter what you’re using the mineral spirits for. 

Since the liquid completely evaporates, it’s perfect for a cleaner on oil paint brushes. The mineral spirits break down the paint, remove it from the bristles, then evaporate. Plus, taking care of your oil paint brushes will make them last longer.

My favorite mineral spirits to use is Gamblin Gamsol Mineral Spirits. They work great and are odorless, which is always a plus!

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Overall, you can always trust that mineral spirits will evaporate completely. The liquid dries and disappears without a trace, making it great for cleaning.

Do Mineral Spirits Leave Any Residue?

Mineral spirits don’t leave behind a film or residue after evaporating. That means you won’t have to put as much effort into cleaning it up later. The mineral spirits take care of it for you!

The cleaner won’t leave residue behind on your brushes and can evaporate from the oil paint too. If you notice a light residue, it’s from the mineral spirits lifting dirt from the surface. However, you can usually simply wipe it up with a rag.

Since mineral spirits evaporate without leaving anything behind, they’re great for art projects and cleaning. After using them, wait for the liquid to dry. 

How Quickly Will Mineral Spirits Evaporate?

While the exact time can vary slightly, mineral spirits don’t take very long to evaporate. Unless there’s a lot, it only takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the liquid to disappear completely! Because of its fast drying time, you can easily apply it to many projects.

You can easily see when the mineral spirits are gone. The area will not be as shiny and wet-looking. If you’ve used it to thin your oil paint, the mineral spirits do evaporate even before the paint dries fully.

In short, you won’t have to wait very long for mineral spirits to evaporate. You can leave and come back- it should be gone by then! 

How Long Does It Take Mineral Spirits To Dry?

Mineral spirits are dry when they fully evaporate- which takes about 15 minutes. However, oil paint can take up to eight hours for a layer to set! Thinning the oil paint with mineral spirits can reduce the time oil paint needs to dry.

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It only takes 15 minutes for mineral spirits on their own to dry. Although, you can make it dry faster by spreading it out more. The larger the surface area, the less time it will take the liquid to evaporate. 

Can I Store Mineral Spirits in a Glass Jar?

A glass jar is the best place for you to store your mineral spirits! The liquid won’t evaporate once you tightly seal the lid. Many artists recommend glass because the mineral spirits won’t damage it.

Plus, a tall glass jar is very convenient for painting with oils. You can set the brushes inside and use the liquid to clean them. You’ll also have it nearby and ready for when you want to use it to thin out your paints.

I highly recommend using these Mason Jars. I use one for my paint thinners, and another for my oil paint brushes.

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You won’t want to store the mineral spirits in a material like plastic. The liquid can wear down the plastic, ruining it over time. The mineral spirits could start leaking out of the container if you forget about it.

Check out my other article that talks all about putting paint thinner in plastic. It’s a must read if you’re not sure how to store you mineral spirits/or paint thinners.

Overall, make sure to keep a jar of mineral spirits with you when you use oil paint! A glass jar is best, and many mason jars can hold large volumes of liquid. 

How To Dispose of Mineral Spirits

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Finally, you’ll want to know how to dispose of any left-over mineral spirits that you have. If it’s a tiny amount that isn’t dirty, you can allow it to evaporate. However, you won’t want to do this for mineral spirits that have oil paint in them.

It is okay to allow clean mineral spirits to evaporate, but you should never pour it down the drain! Mineral spirits are hazardous chemicals, so you’ll have to take them to a waste collection facility.

Dispose of your left-over mineral spirits there. You can also use spare rags to soak up the liquid and then give it to the hazardous waste facility. The staff there will dispose of it in a safe way for you, your community, and the environment.

If you have any questions on what you can and can’t do, make sure that you contact the facility in your area. 

Final Thoughts

In short, mineral spirits do evaporate! The liquid can disappear very quickly without leaving behind a residue. Many artists use mineral spirits with oil paint because of all these benefits.

Overall, you can benefit too! Make sure to use a glass jar when working with the chemical so that it doesn’t evaporate before you need it to. You can store the jar with your paints- but make sure the lid stays very tight.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your mineral spirit project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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