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Best Practices for Painting Apple Watch Bands

Can You Paint Apple Watch Bands? (Explained)

The Apple Watch is a beloved part of many people’s wardrobes. You may decide to change the Apple Watch band depending on your outfit, your mood, or because the one you’re currently wearing is starting to fade. Instead of spending a ton of money on multiple bands, can you paint Apple Watch bands?

Painting Apple Watch bands is possible when accounting for the material the band is made of. Not all paints will adhere to every type of material, so you’ll have to be careful when selecting products. 

Adding your own artistic signature to your Apple Watch band is one way you can customize your watch to your personality. Some people even sell painted Apple Watch bands as part of their small business. 

Understanding Apple Watch Bands

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A lot of Apple Watches are paired with silicone bands. Silicone tends to be the material used most often in these bands, and it is very difficult to paint. You would have to select a silicone paint or silicone ink, as any other type of paint or marker will wear off easily. Many artists who customize Apple Watch bands also have success with oil based paint pens. 

Some Apple watch bands also come in rubber which is much easier to paint. Any kind of acrylic paint or spray paint should adequately cover rubber and stay intact. You can attempt to use an acrylic paint on silicone but you may get mixed results. 

Silicone or rubber tends to be the two preferred types of Apple Watch bands. However, Apple also sells more luxurious bands that are made of leather, stainless steel, gold, platinum, or silver. Since these bands are such an investment, painting them may be much more of a risk to your wallet should you not like the end result. 

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Characteristics of Paint for Apple Watch Bands

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For silicone Apple Watch bands, silicone ink is your top choice. This type of ink is going to last on your Apple Watch band for a very long time and it’ll stay looking fresh so long as you take good care of your band. If you want to paint a leather band, you’ll need paint made for leather. Any bands made of metals shouldn’t be painted. 

Oil paint pens are another option and they are quite easy to find and use. To get the best performance out of this type of paint pen, you want to make sure you shake the pen very well and dab it on a paper towel a few times. While oil or acrylic paints may not last forever on these bands, that just means you can change the design again. 

Using paint to refresh your watch band into something new can be a thrilling way to spend an afternoon. It’s not a particularly intense process that takes a long time. The only disadvantage is really if you use a paint that doesn’t adhere to the band well, as you may end up ruining your band. 

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Can You Paint Apple Watch Bands?

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Not all Apple Watch bands should be painted. If you want to give this craft a shot, using silicone or rubber bands will be your most affordable and simple choice. Leather is also fairly easy to paint should you decide you want to give your leather watch band a makeover. 

You have to be selective of the paint you’re going to use with these bands, especially if you’re hoping your paint job lasts. If you have oil or acrylic paint pens on hand, you can give them a try if you’re okay with your customization being temporary. Otherwise, silicone ink is the only type of paint that will give you a permanent design. 

One thing that many artists will do with their bands is use engraving stencils to give their bands a pattern. Unless you’re able to paint very fine details by hand, having a stencil can help you create something really extraordinary with minimal effort. All you have to do is apply your paint and use a baby wipe to remove any excess. 

My favorite and top pick is always Arteza Acrylic Paints. They have so many different colors, and the quality is amazing! I usually use Arteza Paints for all my projects.

Best Practices for Painting Apple Watch Bands

Before you start painting, be sure you wipe your Apple Watch band clean. Any sort of dust or dirt could get permanently etched into your band when it’s painted otherwise. This will also make sure that your paint or ink of choice has the best chance of lasting. 

To ensure your paint job lasts as long as possible, be sure to take it off when you’re washing your hands or bathing. It’s also recommended that you avoid letting any soaps or sanitizers get on your band as it could cause the paint to deteriorate. 

Other Considerations When Painting Apple Watch Bands

There are a few options for custom Apple Watch bands that don’t require you painting them. Some retailers have services that let you pick different things to decorate your watch band with to turn them into something that showcases your personality. As mentioned, a lot of small businesses also sell custom Apple Watch bands. 

It’s likely that paint that isn’t silicone ink will fade off of your Apple Watch band with regular wear. It’s also possible that it could peel or chip off over time. Regardless, before you start painting, strongly consider whether you’re ready to turn your band into something new that may not be permanent. 

If looking to remove the paint, some mild soap and warm water can help remove any remnants of the paint. You may also have to chip some of it off yourself once it’s had time to soak. 

Final Thoughts

Painting Apple Watch bands is not a new concept. As mentioned, people even sell their custom Apple watch band creations to very excited customers. The key to success is picking the right type of paint based on your band’s material. 

Overall, painting your Apple Watch band is a fun process whether or not your paint job lasts forever. If your paint starts to fade away, you can just pull out the paint again and create something new.