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Can You Spray Paint a Motherboard

Can You Spray Paint a Motherboard? (Explained)

For individuals who are as enamored with computer hardware as they are with software, creating a customized computer or upgrading it can be a fulfilling project. A can of spray paint can remodel just about anything. However, can you spray paint a motherboard?

You can spray paint the exterior of a motherboard, but it has to be done very carefully. You do not want to get any spray paint in sensitive areas of the motherboard or over any of the electrical components of your motherboard. Since a motherboard is made up of so many little parts, spray painting requires ample preparation and patience. 

Spray painting a motherboard needs to be done carefully and isn’t always an ideal job to consider if you’re not technical and a little bit artistic. It’s not necessarily something you want to rush through or you might end up damaging your computer. 

Can You Spray Paint a Motherboard?

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You will not be able to spray paint your entire motherboard. Electrical parts and ports are not going to respond well to the chemicals and the moisture in this type of paint. Additionally, the materials your motherboard is made out of are going to help determine what kind of spray paint will be your best choice. 

The paint you choose needs to stand up to heat rather than melting since motherboards get quite warm when in use. Typically, satin or gloss paints tend to warm up quicker than a matte or flat paint, but some satin paints may work. It’s important to shop for a paint with an adequate description for the surfaces it’s compatible and non-compatible with to help you make the right choice. 

Plastidip spray paint is a popular choice for motherboard and other surfaces that contain electrical ports. This paint is user friendly and can stand up to the heat that motherboards generate. Some Rustoleum branded spray paints can also be suitable for this type of artistic project. 

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Preparing the Motherboard for Spray Painting 

As mentioned, one of the most important things you need to do before painting a motherboard is covering the electrical components, ports, and any other openings. Painters tape or electrical tape is likely going to be the easiest things to use to cover up sensitive parts. You can cut this easily into small pieces to protect motherboard elements without causing them damage. 

One thing that’s recommended before painting a motherboard is using a coating beforehand. One such product you can use is Conformal Coating. This coating can be sprayed over the parts you’re painting. There are coating products designed specifically for mechanisms that generate power and electricity like motherboards. 

Once the coating is dry, you’ll have a nice protective layer to spray paint over that’ll also help to keep your paint looking fresh for longer. Using a primer is also a good idea before you spray paint. Since you’re only going to want to use a light coat of paint, you don’t want to run the risk of any part of the motherboard showing through. 

How to Spray Paint a Motherboard 

Preparation is key for a successful spray paint job. Gloves and a mask are highly recommended when working with spray paint, as is covering up anything in the vicinity since spray paint is a bit unruly. You’ll also want to work on a clean surface. If your motherboard has paint, stains, or bumps, sanding it down can ensure the spray paint adheres evenly and correctly. 

When your motherboard is ready to spray, you’ll want to spray from one side to another without hovering over one spot for too long. Going slow will help you gain more control over your spray. Your best approach is to spray a light layer, let it dry, and go over the motherboard with another light layer instead of oversaturating it to get it done quickly. 

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In between each spray you complete, don’t forget to double check that all of the parts that need to be covered up are still covered. It’s evident that even though motherboards aren’t large, spray painting them is not a quick job. You will have to be patient and leave ample time for coating, primer and each layer of spray paint to dry. 

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After Spray Painting a Motherboard 

Should you remain patient and diligent with your spray painting job, you should have a beautiful looking motherboard that looks new. Some painters like to buff out or polish their motherboard after they’re finished painting it by circling some very fine sandpaper over the painted surface very gently. This can be difficult if you’re not used to using sandpaper, so only do so with great caution. 

Your spray painted motherboard is good to use once it’s dried thoroughly. To keep the paint in good condition for as long as possible, all you can truly do is handle your motherboard with care and keep it clean. It can be difficult to complete any sort of touch up when paint starts to fade or chip away. At that point, you’d want to consider repainting the motherboard. 

Keeping a motherboard clean helps preserve the paint job but cleaning needs to be carefully done as well. A can of compressed air is the best way to remove any debris or dust lodged into the small crevices of the motherboard. You can also use a very soft bristled brush, such as a makeup brush, to help remove debris from the device. 

Final Thoughts

While spray painting a motherboard might sound like it’s the quickest way to spruce it up, it’s not an artistic project worth rushing through. You could end up causing yourself more trouble than it’s worth by grabbing a spray paint bottle and going for it. 

When you approach this kind of spray painting task with appropriate caution and with the right products, you can make your motherboard something truly unique without disrupting its usefulness. Give yourself a couple of days to be as thorough as you can and you’ll be able to transform your motherboard into something you can be proud of.