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Where To Buy Milk Paint

Milk paint is a bit newer to the art world, but there are several benefits that come with using milk paint. This paint consists of milk protein and lime (as well as pigments), allowing the paint to soak into the wood. These features give it a long-lasting finish. Although, it’s harder to find milk paint in stores.

So, where can you buy milk paint? Milk paint is available in many different places. You can purchase milk paint from retailers, such as Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, and even Hobby Lobby.

If you’re interested in milk paint, you’ll want to know where you can find it! This paint comes in various beautiful shades and serves many purposes, making it worth checking out. Let’s keep reading to learn more about milk paint!

What Is Milk Paint?

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Milk Paint is a water-based paint containing milk protein, also called casein, and calcium carbonate (lime). The milk paint also comes with pigments, which give the paint its color, and some borax. Some milk paint products may also include a bonding agent.

Milk paint comes with plenty of benefits. Most notably, this paint seeps into the surface wood, staining it. You get a long-lasting color that should not chip or come off with time.

This paint also is free of toxic compounds, making it safer to work with. When working with it, you may also smell a very slight milky smell, but the smell disappears when the paint dries. 

However, milk paint also usually comes in powder form. You’ll need to mix the milk protein powder with water to activate all ingredients. Since it’s not premixed, it is less convenient to use. You can find premixed milk paint occasionally, but it’s rare.

Overall, milk paint is essentially a paint that contains milk protein. You’ll find it in a variety of beautiful shades.

Where To Buy Milk Paint?

There are many different places where you can purchase milk paint. Some popular options include Lowe’s and Home Depot because these stores are available in many areas. You can also check out your local building materials stores and see if they have any.

Walmart, Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores, and some arts and crafts shops also carry milk paints. Remember that you’re more likely to find it in powder form than as a premixed paint!

Can You Buy Milk Paint Online?

You can easily purchase milk paints online. Amazon has many options available to browse through. You can also find it at Lowe’s and Home Depot’s websites.

Many people prefer to buy their art materials online, so more stores make their products available on the internet. You’ll want to check out your favorite stores’ websites and see what they have available. Many places will offer milk paint from different brands, giving you many shades to sort through.

Overall, you can easily buy milk paint online. You’ll want to check out online reviews, too many users leave feedback about the colors they use, allowing you to gauge how good the product is. Plus, you can also easily compare prices online.

Can You Buy Milk Paint in Stores?

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You can also buy milk paint in person in many stores. If you want the best chance of finding milk paint, then make sure you check out building supplies stores and furniture paint stores. These locations are most likely to offer milk paint.

You’re not as likely to find milk paint in hobby or craft shops- although that doesn’t mean they’ll never be there. Milk paint is mostly for furniture and isn’t great for traditional canvas painting.

Milk paint isn’t as common as other paints, like acrylic or oils. You’ll have a harder time finding it, but it’s very worth it.

What Is Milk Paint Best For?

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Milk paint is best for adding deep color to furniture and decorations. It isn’t shiny, so many people use it for recreating a vintage look in their favorite pieces. Milk paint adds a soft, distressed texture.

This paint is also best for those who want 100% natural ingredients in their paint. Milk paint comes with non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, making it more environmentally friendly than other paints.

Milk paint also doesn’t release toxic fumes into the air, making it safer to use in areas where you can get a lot of ventilation. And as a bonus, you can use milk paint on quick projects since it takes only 30 minutes or less to dry completely.

You can also add more water to make the color lighter and opaque. In short, milk paint is best for furniture. It hardens over time and becomes highly durable. If you have furniture that sees a lot of use, milk paint won’t rub off.

Does Hobby Lobby Carry Milk Paint?

Unfortunately, Hobby Lobby doesn’t carry milk paints. You’ll need to find another location if you want to order some.

Hobby Lobby does carry a variety of other beautiful paints, but the store focuses on arts and crafts. Instead, you’ll want to check out a shop with plenty of furniture options. These paint stores are more likely to carry milk paint since it’s mainly for furniture.

Overall, you can always check a store’s website to see if they carry something you want. For example, if you go to Hobby Lobby’s site and search “milk paint,” they don’t have traditional milk paint. The options that appear are acrylics. It’s good to search online before going so you’re not disappointed when you get there and can’t find what you want.

Do You Have To Sand Before Using Milk Paint?

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If you have raw wood furniture or furniture that doesn’t have a finish, you won’t need to sand it before applying the milk paint. However, you will need to file the furniture first if you want to put milk paint on a piece that has a finish.

Many furniture finishes tend to look a bit glossy. You’ll want to continue rubbing the wood with sandpaper until that luster disappears. You need to remove the finish because it can stop the milk paint from soaking into the wood and drying correctly.

Sanding also cleans the surface of the wood. It smoothes it, improving the texture and allowing the milk paint to adhere to it. The color can then sink into the wood’s pores, making it highly durable.

You can even use milk paint on more than just wood. For example, you can paint with it over glass, drywall, plastic, metal, and plaster. Although, wood furniture tends to be the most common choice for those working with milk paint.

Sanding is a good idea in general when applying paint. If you want the best possible results from your paint job, make sure you don’t skip this step.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are various places where you can buy milk paint! You’ll want to check out all of your local options first. Many online shops also sell milk paint. If you’re unsure where to go, you can always search “milk paint near me” in your search engine.

Make sure to research the milk paint brands you’re considering first. That way, you know you’ll get a high-quality product that works well! You can check out online reviews to get an idea of the paint’s quality before buying it.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your Milk painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting!