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Top 5 Best Brushes For Tempera Paint

There are tons of options for paint brushes out there, but using the correct one with your choice of paint is crucial for your project to turn out great. If you use the wrong paint brush, it can alter to ruin the way your painting will turn out.

You wouldn’t want to use a watercolor paint brush for an oil painting, just like you want to use the correct type of brush for your tempera paint project.

In this guide I go over the best brushes for tempera paint, including for kids and adults. Let’s get to it!


NameOur RatingPrice

U.S. Art Supply Brushes
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Transon Artist Brush Set4.5/5
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Crayola Paint Brushes 5/5
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1- U.S. Art Supply Brushes

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U.S Art Supply is a great brand that has a variety of paint brushes for kids and adults. I like this brand because they are affordable, but also very reputable. This set comes with 10 paint brushes which are made out of hog bristles. His bristles are great for tempera paints because of their hard and sturdy finish.

If you re painting on a. hard surface such as wood, a decoration or even paper, hard bristles are a great option to use with your paint.

This set is targeted for kids, as it comes in multiple bright colors, with easy to grip handles. Easy grip handles give your child more control of the brush, which makes it easier for them to paint.

U.S Art Supply brushes also clean off super easily with just soap and water. If you need tempera paint brushes for your kids, or even your classroom, this set is definitely a top pick!

What We Like

Large grip handles, perfect for kids.

What We Don’t Like

They only come in one size.

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2- Transon Artist Brush Set

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This set is not only for kids, but also for adults. It offers a nice and luxurious design, as well as 12 brushes. It’s compatible with tempera paints, and come with a flat brush, angled, filbert, round and linear. Transon brushes are made of premium high grade nylon, which is perfect for getting a smooth brush stroke.

I like this set because the brushes have ergonomic handles, and secured double-crimped aluminum ferrules. Not only are these brushes great for tempera paint, but they also work great with acrylic paint, and gouache paint!

If you are looking for a higher quality brush set for your tempera paint project, then I recommend this Transon Paint Brush Set.

What We Like

Comes with different sizes, premium quality.

What We Don’t like

May not be the best option for kids.

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3- Crayola Paint Brushes

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We all have heard of Crayola at some point in our lives. This brand is excellent for kids and it’s most teachers go-to brand. This brush set is for tempera paint, and comes in 4 sizes. They are all flat brushes, which is perfect for your little one to practice with.

What I really love about this set, is that the bristles work perfectly with Crayola Tempera Paint. This means that it makes cleaning the brushes much easier, and won’t stain. You can also use these brushes with acrylic paint, and any other washable paint.

If you are looking for paint brushes for your little ones or students, this is a great set. Pair it with Crayola tempera paint and you’re all set! I personally have these Crayola brushes at home for my little one, and they handle really well for tiny hands.

What We Like

Perfect for kids of all ages.

What We Don’t Like

Only one brush design.

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4- Artlicious Paint Brushes

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This Artilicious brush set is great if you are looking for a wide variety of brush styles. It comes with 25 different brushes, and ranges from flat brushes, filbert, linear and sponge brushes. All of these brushes will work great with tempera paint since they are either nylon or hard bristle.

With this set, you get the best of both worlds because you can choose between sizes and bristle type. It’s also kid friendly since the handles are short for easy gripping.

The quality is not premium like the Transon brushes above, but if you just need to use them for tempera paint, it will do the job. I like this set because it comes with sponge brushes as well, which is always a plus for adding texture or different designs to your painting.

This set is an overall great set for tempera paint projects, and I love that it comes with different brush sizes and styles.

What We Like

Tons of brush options to choose form.

What We Don’t Like

There’s a lot of smaller range brushes in this set.

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5- Jerry Q Paint Brushes

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Jerry Q brushes are all made of natural hog bristle, which is perfect for tempera paint. This type of hair won’t shed, and it’ll leave a nice brush stroke on your surface. It comes with 18 brushes, and two styles; round and flat.

This is nice because some sets only come with one type of brush. If you are doing a small or paper project with kids, it won’t matter as much as if you are really putting detail into your painting. Either way, this is a nice option. These brushes are also short handle, which is great for an easier grip.

Kids and even little ones can use this set, since it offers a short and sturdy handle. Jerry Q brushes are designed for beginners, and even work with acrylic and gouache paints too! The round brushes are # 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. The flat brushes are # 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20.

Honestly, this is a nice set for your kids, or even a beginner if you are using them with tempera paint. It’s a great choice if you need brush sizing and style options.

What We Like

Huge variety of brush sizes.

What We Don’t Like

Only comes in hog bristles.

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What to Look For in a paint Brush for Tempera Paint

To find the best brush for your needs, consider the following major aspects before finalizing a purchase.

Tempera paint is a water soluble type of paint, so it needs a certain type of paint brush. I recommend using a hard bristle bush, or a synthetic nylon paint brush.

These two types of paint brushes work best because they can really transfer the medium onto the canvas or paper. For kids, I recommend using a hard bristle brush like this Crayola Set.

Nylon paint brushes are also an excellent choice, due to the smoothness it creates on your canvas. If you or your kids are painting on paper, nylon brushes are a great choice. If you are doing a tempera paint project on wood, or other surfaces, I recommend using these Crayola Hard Bristle Brushes.

Best Tempera Paint Brush Brands

U.S Art Supply

U.S Art Supply is an excellent company that has tons of art supplies ranging from paints, to pencils, canvases, and even easels. It’s one of the top recommended brands for kids since their paints are non-toxic and washable.


Crayola is a family loved brand that not only has crayons, but paints, markers, and every supply you can think of for your kids, or even the classroom.


Best Tempera Paint Brands

Arteza is one of my favorite, and best brands because they have over 1,000 products that are created by artists themselves. Not only are they affordable, but the quality is amazing and of professional grade. Arteza has a kid friendly Tempera Paint Set, which I highly recommend.

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What Does Tempera Paint Work Best On?

Tempera paint works best on poster board, plastic, wood, paper, felt, and many other absorbent surfaces. Tempera paint is washable and non-toxic so it’s the perfect type of paint for kids, and teachers love tempera for their classroom.

You can also use tempera paint on cardboard, fabric, and for finger-painting projects.

Final Thoughts

The best paint brushes for tempera paint is U.S. Art Supply, followed by Transon Artist Brushes, and Crayola. If you are looking for tempera brushes for your kids, or even your classroom, I highly recommend going with U.S Art Supply or Crayola.

Remember to choose a brush according to the surface you will paint on. For wood and hard surfaces, I recommend using a hard bristle paint bush. For paper, cardboard or other thin surfaces, I would go with the synthetic nylon brushes. Crayola is a great option for kids if you are looking for hard bristle and nylon paint brushes.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your tempera paint project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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