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Is Gouache Paint Flammable?

If you are going to be traveling sometime soon and plan on taking your art supplies with you, it’s important to know if the products are flammable or not. Several different paints are known for being flammable, so let’s get to it!

So, is gouache paint flammable? Luckily, since gouache is water-based and doesn’t use any solvents, so it’s not flammable. You will not have to worry about this paint catching fire. This means it is safe to carry with you when you travel as long as you have it labelled properly.

Gouache paint is used in a way that is similar to watercolor paints. To use the paint, you mix it with water instead of solvents and thinners. These products are what makes a paint flammable, and without them, you won’t need to worry about it being flammable.

Is Gouache Paint Flammable When Dry?

Since gouache paint is not flammable when wet, it is not going to be flammable when dry either. The binder in gouache is water and not oil, so there aren’t any toxic chemicals that can cause the paint to be flammable. 

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Gouache paint is not flame resistant, so it will still burn should the painting or paper catch fire. It will not likely be the first thing to catch fire, but it will burn when it comes in contact with fire. Protect gouache the best you can by keeping it away from a fire or burning candles.

Can You Fly with Gouache Paint?

It is completely safe to fly with gouache paint. It is extra important to pack the paints properly, label them, and document your paints clearly. If you do not take these steps, it can raise a red flag as your materials make their way through security at the airport.

The first thing you need to do is check to make sure all of your gouache paints are completely closed. Wrapping the paints in bubble wrap or packing them in a box can also be beneficial. If you pack them in a box, it is best to use a clear one so security can easily what is inside.

I like to travel with my paints and art supplies in their own individual tote. This Waterproof Art Supplies Tote is perfect for traveling on an airplane. This will save you a lot of work, and the headache if they do happen to get damaged during the flight. You should always keep your art supplies separate from your personal belongings.

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Packing your paints in bubble wrap or a box protect them from any potential damage and puncturing during the travel process. As for labeling your paints, you need to make sure the label is completely visible to the security and TSA.

If you are worried about your paints getting punctured or damaged, it will be extra beneficial to pack each different color paint in its own plastic bag. This will prevent the paints mixing together and getting completely ruined if there is something that causes the containers to break.

Also, if you will be traveling with other types of paints such as oils, acrylics and even chalk paint, check out my other articles that go over everything you need to know for flying with those paints. It’s definitely worth a read since oil paint is flammable.

You can also print a label that explains exactly what the ingredients of the paints are. It will also be efficient to label your paints with a simple “artist pigment” in a visible spot.

When it comes to having proper documentation for security, it is extremely essential for you to make sure you have the right papers. Airport security is very serious when it comes to making sure that the paints are safe to fly on a plane.

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The brand of paint you are bringing should have a Material Safety Data Sheet that you can print off and show to security as you go through. You can find it on the manufacturer’s website or by searching for the brand of paint and safety data.

Most airports don’t ask for paperwork, but it’s always helpful to have it handy. You should at minimum know the brand name, type of paint, and if it has any flammable ingredients (some oil paints do) in case you have to answer to security.

This information will explain that there aren’t any solvents in the paint and that it is completely safe to travel with. It also explains information on how to clean up the paint and how to handle it safely.

You can travel with the paints in your carry-on or in your checked luggage, but it will likely be best to keep it in your checked luggage. When you travel with paint in your carry-on, the containers have to meet the TSA regulations. Packing your paints in your checked luggage gives you more freedom of how much paint you can bring.

Is Gouache Paint Heat Resistant?

Gouache paint is not considered heat resistant. This means if the painting gets too hot, it can lead to damage. Excessive exposure to heat can make the gouache warp, crease, and weaken. In extreme cases, your gouache might even melt under heat.

You should keep your gouache painting away from windows with direct sunlight or near a furnace or fireplace. If you need a paint that is heat resistant, you should look at other options that will provide you with what you need.

It is important to keep your containers of gouache away from heat as well. If they are exposed to heat, pressure will build up inside the container. This can cause the paint container to burst or explode violently. This will be dangerous, scary and responsible for ruining your paint.

Store your paints in an area that is temperature controlled, like a closet in your home. It is not recommended to store them in a garage or an attic because they have the potential of heating up and exploding the paint containers.

Final Thoughts

There is always a concern about paint being flammable and making sure it’s not is important. If you are planning on travelling with your art supplies, you won’t be able to take anything on the plane that has the potential to be flammable.

Luckily, gouache paint is water-based and not flammable. You can safely travel on it with a plane without needing to worry about it getting caught up in security. Properly label your art supplies in your luggage and print off the ingredients and materials that are in the paint.

Gouache paint is also not considered to be heat resistant. This means it can easily be damaged if exposed to excessive heat. Protect your paintings the best you can by keeping them away from direct sunlight, furnaces, and fireplaces.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your gouache paint is safe and stored properly. Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting! 

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