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How Big is a 16×20 Canvas?

Whether you’re hoping to print a gallery of family photos or paint your own wall art, a properly-sized canvas is a must! If you’re planning to accent your room just right, you’ll be needing the answer to the question: how big is 16×20 canvas?

A 16×20 canvas is a canvas that is 16 inches tall and 20 inches long. In terms of thickness, the actual canvas material is typically kept to a 1.5 inch standard. In terms of weight, a 16×20 canvas normally weighs a little more than 5 ounces. Overall, in comparison to the most popularly-bought sizes of canvases, the 16×20 canvas is a medium-sized canvas.

In this article, we’ll cover how big a 16×20 inch canvas is in terms of relativity to other sizes of canvas and in terms of width. We’ll also discuss good sizes for canvases and a few frequently asked questions related to the topic!

How Big Is 16×20 Canvas?

When considering a 16×20 canvas for the wall of your room, or for an art project, you probably have many considerations! After all, the size of a canvas determines what equipment you should use to hang it and where it might work best in terms of display.

Therefore, the best way to see how big a 16×20 canvas is would be by looking at the list of traits relating to size below:

  • 16×20 Canvas Height and Width – You may decide to display your 16×20 canvas in horizontal or portrait configurations. Either way, two sides of the canvas will be 16 inches (or 40.4cm) in length and the other two sides will be 20 inches (or 50.8cm) in length.
  • 16×20 Canvas Area – The area that is covered by a 16×20 canvas is around 320 inches, or, to put it another way, a little more than 2 feet of space.
  • 16×20 Canvas Weight – A 16×20 canvas wrap that is around an inch and a half thick typically weighs a little more than 5 ounces.  This means that a nail of around medium-size, either steel or brass, will be more than capable of handling the heaviness of a 16×20 canvas! 
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Is a 16×20 Canvas Big?

So, with the height, length, weight, and overall area covered by the 16×20 canvas understood, can it be considered a big canvas? 

The truth is, when compared to other canvas sizes, a 16×20 canvas can be considered of moderate or medium size. It does not exceed 2 square feet of space.

What is a Good Size For a Canvas?

There are many good sizes for canvases, but the worth of each is typically determined by what you’d like to use them for. 

For example, a 16×20 canvas makes a great size for prints of photos, but some may choose the more popular 11×14 canvas for portraits. Even larger sizes are available for both prints and works of art, ranging all the way up to a canvas that is 76 by 36 inches!

In order to determine which canvas is a good size for your project, make sure to understand how high in quality the photograph you’ll be choosing to print is so that the size of the canvas doesn’t distort it, and measure the area it is meant to hang up in.

What is the Most Common Canvas Size?

The most common canvas sizes are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions relevant to the topic of a 6×20 canvas’ size!

What Size Picture Fits in a 16×20 Frame?

The universally agreed-upon size for prints are usually 11 by 14 inches when matted to a 16×20 picture frame. However, smaller prints are acceptable so long as you remember that you will have to deal with negative space on each edge of the photo. While this can give the illusion of depth, test it out first to see if it is the look you’re going for in your frame.

What Is the Most Popular Wall Art Size? 

There are several different sizes of wall art that are popular, but among the most frequently-purchased large sizes are 40 x 50 centimeters. The most popular smaller-sized wall art pieces are 24cm x 30cm, which is closer in size to a common poster.

What Is the Most Popular Size for Art Prints?

The most popular size for prints of chic photography or other art pieces is largely believed to be 11 x 14. This is because a smaller print works well in a large variety of spaces. 

For example, even if a small print has to occupy a large space, it can be accented by more art of similar size, which in turn gives a level of freedom to the designer. They don’t have to choose one large, all-encompassing print of art, but can mix and match several complimentary pieces.

What Is the Best Canvas Size for Beginners?

The best canvas size is typically dependent on the preference of the artist, but for beginners, a medium canvas is a good choice. This is because a medium canvas is typically cheaper than the extravagantly large ones. This means that if the piece does not turn out the way that a beginner painter was hoping, at least they won’t feel their money was wasted!

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What Is the Best Canvas Size for Portrait?

The best canvas size for a portrait is a 16-inch by 23-inch canvas, otherwise known as an A2 canvas. This is because the A2’s size is widely regarded to accommodate most portraits, whether printed or oil-painted!

How Far From the Ceiling Should a Picture Hang?

According to interior design experts, the best place for a piece of artwork to hang is at about eye level, which puts it, on average, a little over 55 inches away from the floor of the room. This can, of course, be altered by a few inches in either direction.

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Make Canvas?

It is normally considered cheaper to create your own canvas than it is to go out and buy one, but this depends on the amount of canvases you will need and what quality of canvas you’d like to buy.

The reason for this is that most rolls of canvas, which must be cut and stretched over a frame when making them, are bought in bulk. The upside to this is that you can usually make multiple canvases. The downside is that one roll of canvas might cost you more than a single, ready-made canvas, especially if you only needed one.

A great canvas for beginners and a brand I personally love is Arteza. Their canvases are high quality and they come in all sizes!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 16×20 canvas is a canvas that has two sides which are 16 inches and two sides which are 20 inches. They typically do not exceed 5 ounces in weight, cover only 2 feet of space, and are considered medium canvases.

There are many different sizes of canvases in order to afford decorators and artists alike a variety of high-quality options for their wall-art needs. 

The 16×20 canvas may not be as large or heavy as those on the jumbo end of the scale, such as the 76×36 canvas, but it is beloved for it’s usefulness in most spaces.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting!