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Does Chalkboard Paint Need To Be Sealed?

Chalkboard paint has the unique ability to turn any surface into something that you can write on. It has many different uses, but you’ll want to make sure you apply it correctly. Otherwise, it won’t last nearly as long as it could.

So, does chalkboard paint need to be sealed? Chalkboard paint does require sealing, especially on more porous surfaces. There are many commercial sealers that you find in craft stores. You’ll also want to reseal it later if you notice worn-out spots or it’s hard to clean.

Overall, you’ll want to seal your chalkboard paint after it dries. If you want to make sure you do it correctly, keep reading. All the details are below!

How To Seal Chalkboard Paint

First, you’ll want to apply the chalkboard paint in a solid, even layer. Allow that base coat to dry, then apply another coat of chalkboard paint over it. In doing so, you’re making sure the surface lasts. 

Once you’ve given the surface ample time to dry, you can apply the seal. I recommend using a spray-on acrylic sealant. You should choose one that offers a matte finish, so your chalkboard doesn’t become shiny. 

From there, spray the seal over the entire surface of the paint. Allow it to dry past the point of feeling tacky, then spray two more layers over it.

Sealing the chalkboard paint allows it to last much longer. If you’re often drawing on the surface and erasing chalk and markers, having a seal prevents the paint from chipping off.

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You may need to reapply the seal later on when the chalkboard looks worn out. In those cases, you should start by adding a new layer of chalkboard paint to the surface before going over it with the sealer. It will look a lot nicer that way.

Lastly, you can put chalkboard paint on anything that you want! You can use it to create an entire chalkboard wall or apply it to terracotta pots to label all of your plants. You’re certain to find new ways to use chalkboard paint at home.

What Is Chalkboard Paint?

Chalkboard paint can turn any wall or other surface into a chalkboard that you can write on with chalk. You’ll find black chalkboard paint most of the time, but you can make your own in any color you like!

Chalkboard and chalk paint isn’t the same thing. Chalk paint adds a finish to furniture and dries to have a chalky, matte surface. Chalkboard paint creates a real chalkboard surface that you can write on and erase when you want to change it up.

There are plenty of ways to use chalkboard paint in the home or even at work. You can create spaces for memos, recipes, reminders, and doodles. If you have kids at home, they’ll be sure to love having their own space to draw and write.

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Plus, chalkboard paint becomes a real chalkboard when it dries. That means you can write on it as you please, then wipe it off. What you put on the board doesn’t have to be permanent unless you seal it there.

Overall, chalkboard paint has many uses today. You can use it for interior decorating or create signs on which you write important information. You also can apply the chalkboard paint to more than just walls, so don’t hesitate to get creative with where you put it.

How Do You Permanently Seal Chalkboard Art?

You can even apply a seal over your chalk art to seal it permanently on the chalkboard paint. First, create your art using either chalk sticks or chalk markers. Then, spray your acrylic seal over the surface of the board. Once it dries, your work should remain there forever. 

Some people say that you can also use hairspray to make chalkboard art permanent. However, you’re sure to get better, longer-lasting results if you use a professional acrylic spray sealant instead.

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The sealant’s main purpose is to preserve art, while hairspray is for hair styling- so it’s usually best to choose the sealant. It shouldn’t turn yellow with age and can better resist water when you clean off the chalkboard.

Is Chalkboard Paint Durable?

Chalkboard paint becomes very durable once it dries. You can write on it, erase, and even wash it without noticing any damage to the paint. Still, you will want to touch it up with another layer of chalkboard paint and sealant from time to time.

This paint dries into a tough surface, which can resist scratches and cracks. You can even apply it to many different surfaces. For instance, you can put it over wood, drywall, glass, concrete, and even metal.

One of my favorite chalkboard paint brands is Krylon Chalkboard Paint. It’s a great brand that offer high quality results, so your chalkboard paint will last a long time!

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However, if you want the chalkboard to last as long as possible, you’ll only want to apply it inside. While this paint is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof, so you can’t put it outside in the elements. You also need to maintain it by cleaning the surface with soap and water. In short, it’s very durable and lasts a long time with proper care.

Can You Write on Sealed Chalkboard Paint?

You can still write on a sealed chalkboard with chalk. However, you might prefer using chalk markers more after finishing the seal. They look smoother and don’t have as much grain as standard chalk sticks.

Still, you can use normal chalk with great results! Most spray-on sealants add some texture to the chalkboard paint, making it easier for the chalk to grip the surface. Plus, chalkboard paint is strong, so you shouldn’t harm it when you write on it with grainy chalk.

Overall, you can still use a sealed chalkboard surface to your heart’s content. Many people prefer to use chalk markers after sealing the paint because it looks smoother on the surface.

Can You Use Chalk on Sealed Chalkboard Paint?

You can still use your standard chalk on sealed chalkboard paint. It should come off on the surface naturally, although you might feel like you need to press a little harder with the seal there.

The seal also makes it easier to clean the chalk off the board when you want to write something different there. Wipe the chalkboard paint with a damp cloth to remove the chalk. In other words, it shouldn’t feel too noticeable or different once the chalkboard paint has a seal.

Many different types of chalk should work, although you might find that you get better results with certain kinds. You can experiment as you wish and see what works the best for you.

In short, you can still write on sealed chalkboard walls. You’ll want to do your best to maintain the seal, so the paint looks new and fresh. It shouldn’t be too different from writing on an unsealed surface.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, you’ll want to seal your chalkboard painted surfaces with an acrylic spray sealant. The seal helps keep the paint in place and makes it durable. You won’t have to worry about dulling or chipping for a very long time.

Overall, chalkboard paint is a lot of fun to use! You can create surfaces to write and draw on anywhere inside your home. If you take care while applying the paint, you’ll get many uses from your new chalkboard.

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your chalkboard painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting!