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Can You Use Mod Podge on Felt?

Do you have some felt projects you want to work on but aren’t sure what will stick to them? There are plenty of sealant options when it comes to felt! However, not every kind of glue will look nice on it or adhere to the surface well.

So, can you use Mod Podge on felt? Yes, you can use Mod Podge on felt and expect great results! It will dry clear, making it perfect for adding texture and other items to the felt. Plus, it gives you a solid surface to work on. Mod Podge sticks to almost anything, and there’s a fabric formula that you can use. 

Knowing how to apply Mod Podge to your felt will ensure you get the results you’re looking for. This article covers everything about using Mod Podge on this material, so keep reading if you want to learn more!

How To Use Mod Podge on Felt

Using Mod Podge on felt is an easy process. You can use the spray-on Mod Podge or the liquid one in a bottle. Which formula you choose depends on what you want from the project.

For the spray-on Mod Podge, make sure to hold the can a good distance from the felt. Then, spray the fabric with a light coating of the sealant. Allow the seal to dry for at least 30 minutes, then apply another coating. The second coating can be heavier than the first.

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You can add as many layers of the spray-on Mod Podge as you think you need. You’ll want to keep the felt flat, so it dries in the shape you want it to hold.

For the liquid fabric Mod Podge, pour a small amount into a plastic cup. If you only want to apply the seal in a certain area, you can tape it off. That way, you won’t have to worry about making a mess.

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Use a brush or small sponge to dab the Mod Podge on the felt. You can use it as glue to attach the felt to other fabrics or provide a washable seal. You’ll also want to work in light layers with the liquid Mod Podge. Make sure to give it additional time to dry too!

I highly recommend using the Mod Podge Brush Applicator for all your projects. It’s made by Mod Podge, so it’s guaranteed to leave great results with any Mod Podge formula.

Does Mod Podge Stick to Felt?

Mod Podge sticks well to felt. It forms a strong bond and gives you a hard surface to paint on. Many people also use Mod Podge as felt glue or seal their work in place.

Mod Podge doesn’t absorb through the felt like some other types of glue do. It stays on the felt’s surface, so you won’t have to worry about a mess. Using Mod Podge also doesn’t make the felt stiff as fabric glue does. 

Lastly, many different types of Mod Podge can stick to the felt. Mod Podge Outdoor, the spray-on varieties, the fabric formula, and the standard version all bind with the felt’s surface. You have many different options of what Mod Podge you can use with your felt projects!

Can You Use Mod Podge on Fabric?

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You can use Mod Podge on almost everything- including fabrics! Mod Podge works perfectly on all types of decor. Many artists and DIY-ers use it on paper, plastic, wood, and fabric. If you buy a bottle of Mod Podge, you’re certain to find a use for it!

If you want to apply Mod Podge to fabrics, make sure to use the fabric formula. This type of Mod Podge better adheres to porous surfaces than the standard option. You should also wash the fabric and let it dry completely before applying the Mod Podge. That way, it sticks to the surface even better.

Mod Podge is also excellent at stopping fabrics from fraying and unwinding at the ends. If you have a piece of material that doesn’t want to stay together, trim the ends and apply a coat of Mod Podge. It should hold the fibers in place and stop the fabric from fraying more!

After using Mod Podge on any fabric, make sure to allow it 72 hours to cure. While it is a long time, you’ll get the best results!

It’s also worth noting that Mod Podge does dry clear on fabric as it does on any solid surface. You’ll get a clear, matte finish, even though it looks white when applying it to the fabric. 

What Materials Can Mod Podge Be Used On?

You can use Mod podge on any item you want! It works on plastics, paper, glass, fabric, wood, ceramic, etc. You can apply Mod Podge to it as long as it’s a stable surface. This feature has made the sealant very popular among artists and crafters.

There are also several different types of Mod Podge. You can find Mod Podge for fabric, hard coats, glossy finishes, adding glitter, making your items dishwasher safe, and even making something glow in the dark! 

No matter what type of Mod Podge you choose, its main purpose is to seal, stick, and finish a surface. You can use Mod Podge on any material. Still, you’ll get the best results when choosing a formula that’s consistent with the material.

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For example, if you want to add Mod Podge to furniture, there is a furniture formula. Overall, there are tons of Mod Podge formulas! You’re sure to find an option that works the best with the project you want to finish. Mod Podge constantly updates their formula list too.

How Do You Seal Felt Fabric?

There are different ways to seal your felt fabrics. However, one of the easiest methods is to apply Mod Podge to the material. You can apply it just to the edges to prevent fraying or give the entire project a layer of Mod Podge to seal the fabric.

Mod Podge also works great if you want to decoupage materials with the fabric. You can use it to bind fabrics together and get a strong seal. Many artists prefer Mod Podge for this technique!

Start by lightly “painting” the Mod Podge over the material to seal your felt fabric. Give the first coat several hours to dry- you don’t want it to be sticky when you apply the next coat! After finishing the application, you should let it cure for at least three days.

During that time, you shouldn’t touch the felt. It becomes tacky, and one wrong move could cause your project to stick together! Leave it somewhere where it can lay down flat without being disturbed.

Overall, using Mod Podge to seal your felt fabric is a simple process. If you’re in a humid location, it can take longer than three days for the Mod Podge to cure! It’s good to give it as much time as you can.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Mod Podge works perfectly well on felt. It gives you a hard surface to work on, seals in designs and other fabric, and sticks to the surface with a strong bond. If you want the best possible results with sealing your felt, use a Mod Podge formula for fabrics!

Overall, Mod Podge is an excellent sealant to use with various projects. You can apply it to furniture, plastic, wood, paper, cardboard, felt- nearly every surface is compatible with Mod Podge!

Make sure to follow all my tips and recommended products to ensure your Mod Podge painted project turns out great! Also, don’t forget to check out my other articles for all your painting Q&A’s. Happy painting!